Reach M+ is a compact and affordable multi-GNSS RTK receiver with built-in IMU for precise navigation and UAV mapping without GCP. It can provide coordinates down to centimeters in RTK mode. RTK mode requires a pair of receivers: one is stationary which provides corrections, another one moving which applies corrections and provides its precise coordinates. Reach M+ runs open-source RTK engine “RTKLIB” written by Tomoji Takasu.

Reach M+ package includes:

1 x Reach M+ module
1 x USB cable
1 x USB-OTG cable
1 x JST-GH 6-pin to jumper pin cable
1 x JST-GH 5-pin to jumper pin cable




  • Size: 56,4 x 45,3 x 14,6 mm
  • Weight: 20 g

·         Operating tº: -20…+65ºC


  • Input voltage on USB and JST-GH connectors: 4.75 — 5.5 V
  • Antenna DC bias: 3.3 V
  • Average current consumption @5V: 200 mA



  • Internal storage: 8 GB
  • Correction input: RTCM2, RTCM3
  • Solution input: ERB, plain text, NMEA (RMC, GGA, GSA, GSV)
  • Logs: RINEX2.X, RINEX3.X



  • Signals: GPS/QZSS L1, GLONASS G1, BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS
  • Tracking channels: 72
  • IMU: 9DOF
  • Update rate: 14 Hz / 5 Hz



  • Wireless: Wi-Fi (802.11a/b/g/n), Bluetooth (4.0/2.1 EDR)
  • Interfaces: USB, UART, Event

  • Static: H: 5mm + 1ppm, V: 10mm + 2ppm
  • Kinematic: H: 7mm + 1ppm, V: 14mm + 2ppm