RTK GNSS receiver with an app as a controller

Reach RS+ is a rugged and versatile multi-GNSS RTK receiver with built-in IMU. It can provide coordinates down to centimeters in RTK mode. Reach RS is a new milestone on the market of affordable RTK GNSS providing amazing user experience in a compact and durable form-factor. Reach RS+ includes an impressive list of features that are unequaled at the price point.

RTK mode requires a pair of receivers: one is stationary which provides corrections, another one moving which applies corrections and provides its precise coordinates. Reach has open-source RTK engine RTKLIB at its core and is controlled using cross-platform ReachView app. Thanks to large battery and built-in radio communication Reach RS+ is perfectly suited for the field work.

Reach RS+ Specifications



●       BeiDou B1, Galileo E1, SBAS

●       72 tracking channels, IMU

●       14Hz GPS / 5Hz GNSS


●       NTRIP, RTCM3 corrections

●       NMEA and ERB solution

●       RINEX logs with events

●       8GB internal storage



●       Static: 5mm+1ppm

●       PPK: 7mm+1ppm

●       RTK: 7mm+1ppm

●       Vertical is 2×horizontal


●       Charging over USB

●       External 5-40V input

●       30 hours on battery

●       FCC and CE certified


●       IP67 water and dustproof

●       145mm x 145mm x 85mm size

●       690g weight

●       Operating in -20+65°C


●       LoRa 868/915 MHz radio

●       WiFi (802.11a/b/g/n)

●       Bluetooth (4.0/2.1 EDR)

●       USB, RS232, PPS, Event