Stream EM is the multi-channel Ground Penetrating Radar solution dedicated to utility locating and mapping.
The solution has been conceived to cover tens of hectares/day obtaining the best utilities detection quality thanks to 40 separate channels. The solution includes double polarized (VV and HH) antennas, to cover wide road surfaces with only longitudinal scans for both longitudinal and transversal pipes detection maintaining the same maximum data collection speed, 15 Km/h.
The system makes possible what was a dream until now. Imagine mapping all the underground utilities in large areas of dozens of hundreds Km2 and obtain clear and easily enterable result. The high number of antennas increase the quality of the data achievable and boosting the reliability of pipes detection.
Stream EM is easily dismountable, enabling it to be transported in a van. It can be reconfigured for mapping sidewalks and difficult areas and can also be easily adapted, by using suitable kits, for other applications (archaeology, environmental, road/runway).